Cancellation Policy

At Search SEO Elmhurst, we love working with our clients. We aim to provide exceptional services that increase your digital footprint and hope to creatively inspire you along the way. Thanks to that commitment to clients just like you, we are lucky enough to enjoy long-term relationships with businesses throughout the country.

However, we know that sometimes, relationships run their course. While we hate to see any of our clients leave us, or decrease their services, we understand that it is a part of life. We do our best to make the transition seamless for us and for you, allowing you the time you need to migrate your digital information to another platform or provider.

In order to maintain this efficient timeline, we have cancellation policies in place. As a quick reminder, here are the important parts of our cancellation policy.

We need at least 30 days notice.

It takes time to successfully transfer ownership of digital content to a new party, and we don’t like to rush it. Rushing through the process can cause serious mistakes or misunderstandings that will decrease your digital mark and even negatively affect your SEO rankings. In order to avoid this stress for you, we require at least a 30-day notice, given at the beginning of the month.

Cancellations need to happen at the beginning of the month.

This timeframe for cancellation of services allows us to complete one final billing cycle. You will still receive our services for the last month, assuring that your online customers will be none the wiser.

We will remove ourselves from all accounts.

When you work with Search SEO Elmhurst, you get well-rounded digital marketing services. When you leave, you don’t have to worry about us still having access to any of your digital platforms or information. We will remove ourselves from your social media, website platform, and other accounts; we will let you know when this happens so that you can double check or add anyone else to fill those roles.

If you have any questions about our cancellation policies, don’t wait until you are ready to cancel to ask them. If you are concerned about your services, allow us the opportunity to speak with you about it before you make a decision to cancel in the first place. Communication is key to a successful relationship, and we want to hear from you.