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Your business’s website in Elmhurst is the cornerstone of your online presence. It’s essential that it mirrors your voice and tone, evokes your company’s personality, and resonates with your audience. If your current site doesn’t do that, it’s definitely time to revamp it. Not sure if it’s time to refresh your website? Here are a few key signs.

1. Your Website Is Over 5 Years Old

How long should a website last? There’s no rule set in stone. However, if it’s been more than five years since you launched the site and you haven’t invested in at least a partial refresh, then chances are good that it’s outdated.

2. Your Site Is Not Optimized for Mobile Access

Once upon a time, website owners didn’t need to worry about mobile devices. Even when smartphones and tablets were introduced and started gaining traction, many businesses invested in separate sites – one for mobile visitors and one for those using desktops and laptops. Today, that’s not the case. Your site must be optimized for mobile users, or you’ll drop in the SERPs. A responsive website automatically resizes and reorders content to deliver the best experience based on the user’s device and screen size.

3. Your Site Isn’t Delivering an Optimum User Experience

Quick question – what’s the purpose of your website? If you answered with anything other than “to deliver the best possible user experience”, you need to rethink your strategy. You also need to revamp your site. Your site must be easy to navigate, deliver original information, and ensure that your users can easily complete tasks. If it doesn’t measure up, it’s time for a revamp.

4. Your Site Is Slow to Load

If your website takes more than five seconds to load, it should be refreshed. Today’s website visitors have no patience for slow load times. The highest-rated sites load in four seconds or less. How does yours compare?

5. Your Site Delivers Poor SEO Performance

How well does your site rank for your chosen keywords? If it’s not performing well in terms of SEO, you definitely need to consider at least a refresh, if not a deep revamp.

How does your website perform in these areas? Is it ready for the future or do you have some work to do? It’s essential that your site is up to par and delivers the experience today’s Internet searchers expect and deserve.

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